CMS comparison: which is the best content manager system to create a site

To create a website, you can choose to do it yourself or have it done by an expert. While the first option seems to be the most economical, it does require some programming knowledge. This is where the benefits of a CMS come into play. This is a tool that allows you to create a website independently. To ensure the design of a high-quality website, it is important to turn to the best CMS available.


WordPress is one of the best CMS for designing websites. If, when this solution first appeared, it was only used to design blogging type platforms, today its 50,000+ embedded templates allow the creation of all types of websites.

Also, you have the opportunity to make adjustments to give your image a platform. In addition to these assets, the WordPress website building system also provides you with SEO plugins, giving you a pretty good reference platform.

WordPress: The Market Leader With Certain Limitations

Due to its success, WordPress is often hacked. To ensure the security of websites designed with this CMS, you must have the latest version of WordPress and update it regularly. Also, you must be responsible for domain name registration and hosting of your website yourself, as the CMS does not provide this service. Its important to consider using a dedicated WordPress Hosting provider to feature your WP site, to benefit the most of its features.


If you want to build a website using one of the best CMSs on the market, you can turn to Joomla. With this solution, you almost certainly don’t need any programming skills to design your platform. This content management system actually comes with several extensions.

There’s also a community forum and an online book that guides you through the process of creating a website. Not to mention that you can design any kind of platform with this software as it offers more than 6000 extensions and plugins at your disposal.

The best part is that you can add more languages ​​to your website thanks to multilingual support outside of the CMS.

Weaknesses that cannot be ignored

Although the Joomla website building system is easy to install, it is not easy to understand. In order to better manage the tool, you must choose a WordPress-optimized web hosting provider from LWS.

It should also be added that some extensions of the solution are paid. Also, updates sometimes require manual intervention.


On a list of the best CMSs to build a website, Drupal can be included. The solution enjoys this privilege because it is characterized by a high level of security and more than 44,000 extensions that allow you to create various platforms, including communities and social platforms.

This makes the software suitable for large projects. Besides being free and encouraging to create multilingual websites, Drupal also gives you the opportunity to add other modules if the ones in its system are not enough.

What are the disadvantages of website building software?

Adding add-ons that Drupal allows can only be done manually. Also, this solution is not suitable for beginners at all, as its use requires technical skills. Beyond that, its free nature requires you to research web hosting yourself and purchase a domain name.

Specific 5

Concrete5 is a good compromise for people who are looking for one of the best CMS for building websites. Like all CMSs, it has its drawbacks and advantages.

Advantages of Concrete 5

Website building systems impress with their security, reliability, and ease of use. Concrete5 is also a flexible CMS as it allows you to make changes to the content. Thanks to its extensions, this tool also allows you to design many types of websites with multilingual support.

Weaknesses of the solution

Concrete5 offers a small number of extensions, just over 300, and while it’s free, the system offers paid hosting. In addition to getting this service from Concrete5, you can also contact external providers.

CMS made simple

CMS Made Simple is a content management system that is not well known to the general public but is surprisingly capable. Therefore, it is also one of the best CMS. With this website building solution, you will benefit from an intuitive user interface. It is also a very easy to use software.

Solutions for beginners only

The simple coding of CMS Made Simple makes it a website building system for beginners only. Therefore, developers cannot use it. Therefore, this solution cannot be used for demanding site design projects.

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