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Hey, looking for the best hosting provider out there? Look no further. We are gonna help you find your new hosting service and help you get set up with the best plan there is. We have taken the tour around the hosting blog for you and come up with the best possibilities for you to find the best web hosting service on the market.

So what are our recommendations? Well, you need to look fór something suitable for your needs. Whether its a cheap hosting service, or the best wordpress hosting service or maybe even the fastest service for a localised website there is.

To find the best new web hosting provider for you takes time and money. It does not need to take long, as we have listed the top dogs on the market here.

Our recommendations for your new host:

  1. WPX Hosting
  2. Siteground
  3. WP Engine
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. Cloud Ways
  6. Kinsta
  7. Hostinger
  8. Digitalocean
  9. Godaddy
  10. Bluehost
  11. Hostgator
  12. GreenGeeks

Why do we recommend these hosting companies? Well, lets take you to our reviews below and lets focus on the advantages and disadvantages for you to sign up at each one.

How do we review web hosting?


Not like most of the web hosting review services out there, we do sign up and test the different hosting services we review.

We investigate the different packages and information about the hosting services, find hidden fees and much more. When reviewing a web hosting service, we alwas start by looking at prices, whether they are fair, cheap og high priced. Then we later compare it to the overall service of the company.

Then we look at what kind of customer support they offer. If they are contactable by chat, ticket system, mail or phone. The more options they have, the better.

We also go through their license agreement, to check if there is any hidden fees, unfair terms or anything unusual, that their customers should know about.

Most important of the reviews, we look at uptime, speed performance and overall performance of the servers and hosting providers. These factors are super important in terms of making your hosted services running smoothly and without any problems or issues.

What do we base our reviews on?

  1. Overall rating of our team
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Uptime
  4. Services
  5. Support
  6. Prices


Do you test all the hosting companies you review?

Yes we do. We sign up for the standard package and set up a cPanel with a WordPress installation. We test their different services, create a few challenges for the support and run their prices through our comparison sheet.

How can I get in contact with you?

You can either write us at [email protected] or use the contact form

Why should I trust you guys?

Well, we’re pretty good at what we do and the team has more that 25 years experience combined working with hosting, web development, digital optimization and much more.

Choose the web host that suits your needs

The price differences of the above web hosts are minimal and therefore it should not be the price that ultimately determines which web host you choose. Instead, you should choose the web host that best suits your needs and the purpose of the website.

Below you should, among other things, look at:

  • Is speed important?
  • How much traffic will the website have?
  • How much storage space do you need?
  • Do you need free SSL?
  • How many email addresses do you need?
  • How do you get hold of the web hotel’s customer service in case of technical problems?


There are many good reasons to look at the speed at which your website is going to run. On the one hand, it may play a role in your search engine ranking, and on the other hand, most visitors will quickly evaporate again if the website runs too slowly. Some web hosts provide technical specifications on their servers, but this is far from all. Typically, the fewer web hotels per server, the faster your website will run.

The rule of thumb is that the cheapest web hotels on the market will typically offer the slowest service.


Of course, you want traffic to your website – and preferably plenty of it. Realistically, you need to assess how much traffic will come to the website. With some web hosts you get unlimited traffic, while for other web hosts there are restrictions on the free traffic and after that you will be charged extra for additional traffic. If you have a web hotel with limited traffic included in your package, it can quickly become expensive if you get a lot of traffic to the website.

Storage space

The larger your website or webshop is, the more storage space you will need. There are big differences in how much storage space you get in the price of the cheap packages. If you are planning on something other than a small blog, it will therefore be an advantage to choose a package with more storage space included.

Free SSL

Maybe you are not completely into all the terms around web hosting, and in that case SSL may seem redundant or cumbersome to get acquainted with.

In practice, however, you run the risk that visitors will jump out if you do not offer SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) , which provides your visitors with a secure connection to the web server, as your website may appear unsafe to visit without. In addition, it may adversely affect your search engine rankings.

At some web hosts SSL is included in the package, while at others it is a purchase. If you choose a web host with free SSL, you do not have to worry about it after activation.

Email addresses

When you buy a web hotel, an email address is included. But in fact, in most cases, more than one email address is included. It’s smart if you have more people sharing the website, or if employees need their own email. Therefore, pay attention to whether the number of e-mail addresses included in the package that you have or need.

Customer service

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is crashes. On the one hand, it can make sweat on the forehead that visitors and customers cannot access the website, which can have an impact on the company’s finances, and on the other hand, a website that is down will very quickly be ranked worse in the search engines.

So it is about both minutes and seconds if there are technical problems, and therefore it is a clear advantage to have a hosting provider that you can get hold of quickly; preferably by phone or chat system with immediate response.

If you do not worry so much about customers and search engine rankings, you can choose a web hotel that only offers email support.

Why web hosting and your own domain?

There are several reasons why you should have your own domain and a good web host when you run a website, web shop or your own blog on the Internet. Free blogs or other solutions are not good if you want full control and create the website you so desperately want. If you want to make money through your website, your own domain and a good web host are the best solution.

Why you should have your own domain and web host:

  • You own your own site. It’s your domain and you can do whatever you want with it. Free solutions always have different forms of restrictions. With your own domain on a stable fast web hosting, the best is clear!
  • You have control over all the files that are on your web host under your domain. You can upload anything you want, which is not protected for various reasons. This gives you the freedom to design and create the website you want according to your wishes. Own site is superior if you compare with one of all the free blogs out there.
  • You can create databases and connect this to your site. You need to be able to code if you are going to get a database linked to your site or get help with creating a database.
  • You can change the design however you want whenever you want. This is good because all designers will sooner or later get old and look a little helplessly old-fashioned. Refresh and redo your site as you wish according to your needs and desires.
  • You can see all visitors when you have your own domain on your own web host. Some web hosts give you this chance to see statistics. You can also link Google Analytics to your site then you can really see what your visitors are doing inside your site and to what post they are entering. Statistics are important as your site grows.
  • Post ads, banners, create offers, create email lists, have your own email, write what you want, design your site according to your wishes. With the right tactics and a little luck, you can definitely live on your / your sites in the long run.
  • You can speed up your own website when you have it on a good web host. Google and your visitors love fast sites that load fast. Slow sides are a thing of the past. it does not work to have slow websites nowadays.
  • Own email that we mentioned here earlier. Professional when receiving or sending emails. This is important, not least if you are running a business or web shop via your domain and site.
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Technical questions and nice to know

How to change web hosting

You make a backup of your website and move all files and database over to the new web hosting provider. Some providers also offer to do this for you, so good idea to write first and consult them.

What does a web host cost

Danish web hotels cost from GBP 0,9 and up, depending on how much traffic you need and how much space you need – for some, the price also varies if you need to have more than one domain with them.

Which web host should I choose

t is entirely up to the needs you have. Consider how much space you need, whether you need more than one domain, whether you want SSL and how important telephone support is. If it has to be an affordable hotel you can see which one I recommend here in the guide.

What is web hosting used for

A web hotel is mainly used so that your website, blog or webshop has a place to “stay” on the web. This is where you store the files and database you need to make it all work and can be viewed online.