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Cloud based hosting is in basic a hosting, that stores the information in cloud based solutions.  

Cloud based hosting is a service that provides hosting on a virtual server in the cloud, which stores and pulls the computing resource from an network of psychical web servers located typically in a server park. 

Cloud Web Hosting
Cloud Server Hosting

And how does Cloud server hosting provide value to the end users like you? Worry not, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of choosing cloud based hosting as your company or private hosting service.

Users, such as yourself, can tab into the service all they need to, depending on which requirements they have. This gives an cost-beneficial advantage, as they only pay for what they actually use. Because its cloud based and can  be accessed at any time, the user has no extra need for space capacity or server storage. 

Generally, clients can tap into their service as much as they need to, depending on their requirements at any stage. This can result in cost savings as they only have to pay for what they use, and because they can access it at any time, they don’t need to pay for additional capacity.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting, or cloud-based servers, is a relatively new concept when it comes to web hosting. It is based on the fact that the servers that act as web hosts for a website, use the hardware from a number of physical servers. This results in a website that is not dependent on a single server but is powered by the entire cloud. This reduces the risk of interruptions or disruptions from the server.

There are many modern web hosts that have cloud hosting as their main focus and sell smart solutions for this. Other web hosts have it as part of their offering, in addition to the usual server options.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Hosting?

There are several benefits of cloud hosting, which has also led to an increase in popularity in recent years. Some benefits are:

  • It provides maximum reliability – Your website is no longer dependent on a single server but can rely on a cluster of several separate servers. It gives a higher reliability and makes it less likely that your page will be down.
  • Easier scalability – With Cloud Hosting, it is very easy to adjust the dedicated server space your website needs. If you have a growing company, you can easily buy more resources so that you can grow organically as more traffic comes to the site.
  • Protection against hardware problems – When you use cloud-based server services, you have built-in protection against accidents or sabotage against individual hardware. Should a computer in the server hall crash or be destroyed, you avoid the risk of your website being down, as you have access to all the servers in the cloud.
  • Fast Websites – It is very common for Cloud Hosting servers to provide extremely fast websites. A good cloud hosting company has servers that handle the amount of data and spread it between several servers, so as not to overload an individual part of the system. This way, your website can function effectively even during times of high load.

What are the disadvantages of Cloud Hosting?

The benefits of Cloud Hosting are many, but there are also some potential disadvantages. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering switching to cloud-based operation:

  • Unauthorized access to data – There is a potential risk that unauthorized persons may gain access to data on cloud-based servers, such as hackers or other malicious visitors.
  • No possibility to fix technical errors yourself – If something happens, you are dependent on technical support. This can be a big problem if the service is slow and your website is down for a long period of time.
  • Requires high-quality cloud-based servers – If the servers that handle the cloud are of inferior quality, the connection to the cloud, and thus your website, will be slow.

All these drawbacks make it clear that it is important to choose the provider of the cloud hosting service with care. You are very much left to an external party when everything is out on the cloud. Therefore, it is important that the company that manages the operation has good security, fast, well-functioning servers and is available for service when needed.

For whom is it suitable to use Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is really a good choice for just about all types of websites. However, there are certain types of sites where it is especially common to choose cloud-based operation.

These are often sites that draw a lot of traffic and whose main business model is based on leading people to a certain part of the website, for example buying things in an e-store or sending customers to other stores. Even large companies that want to ensure that the website is always up, or other sites with high turnover of web traffic can benefit from cloud costing.

It is also a good idea for smaller companies or websites that are planning to grow and scale up their business. With the help of cloud-based server operation, it becomes so much easier to expand the business by buying extra resources from the web host.

It is quite likely that we will see cloud hosting grow in the coming years and become an increasingly common option when companies build their business online. This means great opportunities, other land to store and have access to large amounts of data and build large databases on the internet.

The difference in public and private cloud hosting services

Public Cloud Hosting

Public Cloud Hosting
Public Cloud Hosting Solution
  • The most common type of cloud hosting is the public cloud model: Hosting on virtual servers, that compute the pool resource of different public available virtual server.
  • These public networks transmit this data. Data that is actually stored on the shared servers, that forms the base of the cloud hosting services. 
  • Public cloud hosting often uses the same underlying network of servers for different users or companies who utilizes the cloud web hosting.
  • The public cloud solution includes some sort of security setup, but if you’re going for a comprehensive safe service, a private cloud solution is probably better. 
  • Public cloud hosting is often more price friendly, than the private counterpart

Private Cloud Hosting

  • Private Cloud server hosting solutions are often more secure and suitable for companies or users with privacy as a valued service. 
  • Most cloud web hosting solutions use “ring-fenced” networks and  servers. Those are either located with the cloud hosting provider or on site. 
  • Private clouds are typically more costly in both setup and monthly maintenance. 

Private and public cloud hosting has different advantages and disadvantages, but both can be utilized by private users and companies depending on demands and requirements. 

Charles T, Hosting specialist

The hosting of a site’s resources greatly defines its operation. There are multiple hosting solutions offering various benefits. Among the most efficient, we distinguish Cloud hosting. This type of hosting has excellent features.

Speed and uptime are some of the strong points of this type of hosting. It is not easy to choose the right host for oneself in the jungle of hosting services available. Web experts have tested a variety of solutions. Here’s the list of the best cloud hosting in 2022! the best web host

LWS hosting service is undoubtedly one of the best Cloud hosting companies in 2022. It was established in 1999 in Paris and it offers a high quality service. It offers domain names with excellent visibility.

Ligne Web Services has excellent datacenters in France. It has over 3,500 servers. There are more than 280,000 sites hosted on this solution. These figures clearly show the level of efficiency and reliability of the hosting company.

The highlights

Truspilot and Hostadvice rate LWS as the best cloud hosting because of its strengths. Subscribing to LWS hosting packages ensures good performance. It allows you to have an available and ideally accessible site. LWS allows its hosted platforms to have fairly short load times.

This level of performance is mainly due to the fact that the datacenters are tier 3. The administration interface is convenient and intuitive. The servers are protected by Anti-DDOS technology. It greatly reduces the risk of hacking the hosted sites.

Each hosted site has a redundant disk on which customer data is regularly backed up. The risk of information loss is minimal, almost impossible. The SSL certificate is integrated in all hosting packages. It strengthens the security of servers and websites.

For all your concerns, you can count on the assistance of LWS customer service. It is composed of qualified and highly responsive human resources. This service can be reached by phone and by chat.

The offers and services

LWS offers Linux and hosting platforms. Each of them contains hosting packages. The offerings are varied and very attractive. LWS offers four different categories of packages namely: shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated Minecraft server. Due to the diversity of customer profiles, the hosting company offers 4 packages in its shared hosting offer.

Whatever package you choose, you are entitled to at least 100 GB of disk space, unlimited traffic, domain name, email addresses, etc. For your WordPress website hosting, you can choose from the following packages:

  • Perso ;
  • Starter;

The price of the WordPress packages ranges from 1.49 to 9.49 euros HT/month. There are also four plans at the VPS offer level. The rates are affordable and range from 4.99 to 49.99 euros per month excluding VAT. The performance and functionality of VPS servers are very satisfactory.

It is possible to increase the RAM, name of processors and disk space of the rented server without stopping service. The best LWS web hosting Minecraft dedicated server plan consists of three packages. Each of them entitles you to a domain name and a VoIP voice server. This server is fully configured.


Bluehost is among the best American Cloud hosting companies. The company was established in December 2003. Highly experienced, the hosting company also specializes in domain name sales and email solutions.

It is very famous in the world of web hosting. The number of its hosted sites goes beyond 2 million. More than 750 employees provide quality service to customers.

The advantages of cloud server

The features of this hosting company are satisfactory. The hosted sites enjoy good loading speed. They are easy to access for customers. The customer interface is intuitive. SSL certificates and Cloudflare CDN are included in every plan for security purposes. Datacenter servers run on NGINX and PHP7 HTTP/2 technologies.

In addition to unlimited disk space included in shared hosting plans, users get SSD drives and unlimited bandwidth. Bluehost uses a very advanced cPanel control panel. Although the customer support only speaks English, the account managers are ultra-responsive. A 30-day trial with refund is offered to every customer.

The accommodation offers

The list of hosting offers is very diverse. These include shared, E-commerce, WordPress, VPS and dedicated hosting packages. Four different packages are available under the shared offer. These are the :

  • Basic (2,29 euros);
  • Plus (4.55 euros);
  • Choice Plus (4.55 euros);
  • and Pro (11.63 euros).

These are rates excluding tax per month. These packages are suitable for beginners. Each of them provides access to at least 50 GB of disk space, a domain name and many other services.

The WordPress hosting package is similar to the shared package. It consists of 3 different plans. The other difference is that you can benefit from marketing credit, Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. However, there is a fee to access these services.

WooCommerce hosting allows you to create an E-commerce store. It is available in 3 variations: Starter, Plus and Pro. The rates vary between 5.8 and 10.8 euros HT/month. Each plan entitles you to 100 GB of disk space and free telephone assistance for the design of the e-commerce site.

The VPS hosting packages are of three types: Standard (15.84 euros excluding VAT/month), Enhanced (25.01 euros/month) and Ultimate (50.03 euros/month).

The dedicated server offers guarantee good performance: 5TB bandwidth, 500GB space, 4GB RAM and 3 minimum IP addresses. They belong to three categories: standard, enhanced and premium. They are respectively available at 66.71 euros, 83.39 euros and 100.07 euros per month.

The items to be enhanced

The varied offers and the diversity of services show that this hosting company deserves to be ranked by the best. The only downside is that the datacenters are in the US. Beware of the legislation in force !


In 2007, the company PlanetHoster was born. Its headquarters are located in Canada, specifically in Laval. It is specialized in hosting services. PlanetHoster registers domain names and sells SSL certificates. More than 60,000 customers enjoy the services of this hosting company.


PlanetHoster is undoubtedly one of the best web hosts. The performance levels are far above average. The availability rate of the hosted sites is around 99.93%. The loading speed of the sites hosted there is optimal. The client interface is well organized and easy to navigate.

Access to the hosting/hosted sites, knowledge base and invoice manager is just a click away. With the cPannel control panel, it is easier to manage databases, domain names, FTP, etc.

A free SiteBuilder software is included in most hosting packages. It makes it easy for beginners. If needed, you are also free to choose the CMS that suits you.

PlanetHoster surpasses many hosting companies when it comes to security and protection of client and server data. Its security options are wide-ranging. SSL certificate is integrated with the hosting plans. For more security, PlanetHoster offers WHOIS, anti-malware and Bruteforce protection set up.

Security of the client area can also be enhanced by dual authentication. This is a protection managed through Google Authenticator. PlanetHoster stands out from the rest with its customer service. It is accessible 24/7 by different means. We distinguish the ticket, the live chat and the phone. The dialogue with the service is done in English or French.

The offers and services

Only two categories of accommodation offers are available. These are The World unlimited shared hosting and the HybridCloud plan. The World plan costs 6 euros including VAT/month and it entitles you to a long list of features. Disk space, bandwidth, traffic per month, email addresses and sites are unlimited.

A lifetime domain name and IP extensions are included in this hosting package. Regular backups are performed every 12 hours to a second datacenter. You get 8 CPUs, 16 GB RAM and upload speed up to 16 Mb/s. This package is suitable for a wide audience.

The HybridCloud plan combines the principles of a dedicated server and Cloud services. Its price is consequent, 49.99 euros including VAT/month. This price is commensurate with the features included in the plan.

Customers also have access to the AutoPeakPower feature and various databases. The allocated resources correspond to 32 CPU cores, 16 TB of hard disk and 256 GB of RAM.

What could be improved

The PlanetHoster hosting service is quite good. Its services are mainly based on cPannel. This point may limit customers in their choice. The company is also located in Canada. Customers need to pay attention to local legislations. The rates need to be improved to attract customers.


The GoDaddy hosting service established in 1997 is among the most popular hosting companies in the US. Its headquarters is located in Arizona precisely in Scottsdale. Apart from hosting websites, the GoDaddy company deals with domain name management. GoDaddy manages over 80 million domain names for 20 million customers.


When looking at GoDaddy in depth, we can remember that the hosting company guarantees a very high availability rate (99.99%) and a satisfactory loading speed. The administration interface is clear, convenient and complete. From the interface, you have the possibility to view the hosting information.

This includes settings, service stability, performance, usage percentage, cPannel panel, etc. Customer account management is a piece of fun.

Customer account security is optimized with dual login. Free SSL certificate is not included in all hosting plans, but you are entitled to Anti-DDoS protection. Hosting plans run on two operating systems: Linux and Windows.

Hosting plans

Each customer has the freedom to choose the hosting package that suits their needs. GoDaddy offers the following hosting solutions: shared, Pro, WordPress, VPS and dedicated server. The shared offer is the most economical. It is found under 4 different packages namely:

  • Economy;
  • and Maximum.

Subscription rates for these packages range from 4.79 euros to 15.59 euros/month. To host your WordPress site with GoDaddy, you have the option to subscribe to one of these four hosting packages: Basic (4.79 euros/month), Deluxe (5.99 euros/month), Ultimate (9.59 euros/month) and eCommerce (17.99 euros/month). A domain name is included in all packages.

The Pro hosting plan also comes in four packages – Launch, Enhancement, Development and Extension. You need to budget 20.39 euros/month for the first formula and 51.59 euros for the Extension pack. This plan is suitable for sites with high traffic.

RAM eleve and RAM Standard are the two packages contained under the VPS hosting offer. Here is an overview of the features of these packages: regular backups, unlimited traffic, cPanel/WHM administration panel. To subscribe to the dedicated server plan for the first time, you should budget 119, 99 euros/month.

This plan entitles you to good features that are useful for companies with large needs and looking for autonomy.

Elements for improvement

GoDaddy has a good cloud and it offers quality hosting plans. The fact that its datacenters are in the US exposes customers to local laws. The support service is far from the best. The renewal price of the plans is higher than the subscription price.


OVH is a hosting service founded in 1999 in Roubaix, France. This company provides hosting services to about 1.5 million people on the continent. Its data centers are accessible on different continents including North America, Europe and Asia. In total, OVH has 28 datacenters.

The assets

The performance of the site is very good. The administration interface is less complex and well redesigned. Navigation and management of different offers are simple from this interface. Many other actions can be done from the client interface.

Sites hosted at OVH are protected by a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and Anti DDoS and Antivirus/antispam protections. The hosting company performs regular backups and restores. Customers are entitled to a free domain name for one year. The customer service is not very good. Customers can contact them via direct chat, ticket and phone.

Offers and services

The hosting company OVH does not limit customers in their choice of hosting offers. You could subscribe to the following hosting packages: Perso, Pro, Performance, Cloud Web, Dedicated Server and VPS Server. The Perso plan is a shared hosting plan charged at 3.59 euros including VAT.

Its features are interesting: free domain name, 100 GB hard space, Unlimited traffic, SQL database, 10 email addresses, etc.

The offer suitable for professionals is the Pro hosting. It is available at 7.19 euros and the features included are more consequent than the Perso offer. To get more features, you can opt for the Performance hosting. There are four of them. It differs in the number of CPU, RAM and prices.

Cloud web hosting is based on an isolated platform. This means that you do not share your resources with others. Its features are satisfactory.

The dedicated server plans available are many and differ in price and resources offered. You have the freedom to choose the one that suits your needs.

If you prefer the VPS server, you can opt for one of these 4 plans: Value (4.60 euros HT/month), Essential (9.20 euros/month), Comfort (18.40 euros/month) and Elite (27.60 euros/month).

OVH is a cheap cloud host, but customer reviews of these services are not very positive.


It is becoming more and more common with cloud hosting and it is a web hosting service that suits most people. There are many companies that specialize in this type of server service and it is already used by many small and large companies.

There are many advantages to cloud hosting, above all that it is fast, reliable and easy to customize to suit your own business. It is important to choose a reliable provider because security is important when it comes to data that is out on the cloud.

Questions and answers about Cloud Hosting

What are the benefits of Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting provides more reliable hosting, more flexibility, faster loading times and less hardware problems. Cloud hosting also makes it easier to scale up and down your resources.

What are the disadvantages of Cloud Hosting?

The security is often not as high on cloud-based servers and if technical problems arise, they are not as easy to fix yourself. Cloud hosting also requires high quality servers to provide really fast charging times.

What web hosts does Cloud Hosting offer?

Web hosting with Cloud Hosting includes Cloudways and A2 Hosting . They offer hosting through, among others, AWS Data Centers, GCE Data Centers and DO Data Centers.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is hosting on cloud-based servers. You thus rent space on several servers that are connected virtually and physically. This provides better flexibility and reliability.

How much does Cloud Hosting cost?

At Cloudways for example, cloud hosting costs from $ 10 a month. You can easily adapt your hosting to your requirements and wishes.