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best wordpress hosting UK
WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress hosting in 2020 is all about the best setup to host your wordpress site. It’s about speed, usage, server location and much more. In 2020, a lot of WordPress hosting in UK is about having the most search engine optimized website as default, so even non SEO people can get an advantage in the search engines.

When picking your new WordPress hosting company it is important to choose the one with the best features for your needs. Read carefully our recommendations below and pick the WordPress host best suited for you personal projects or your business.

Top WordPress Hosting UK 2020

👉Go to WP Engine

👉Go to WPX Hosting

👉Go to SiteGround

👉Go to A2 Hosting

👉Go to Bluehost

Reviews of the best WordPress Hosting providers in 2020

Who do we consider the top-dogs of WP hosting? We serve you the 6 best solutions for your new website here below. What do we consider when giving you these short reviews?

We check if they have single-click or pre-install WordPress options, great customer support, the best server locations, server speed and speed optimization features, server uptime, bandwidth and data transfer options, free domain registration + add-on domains, daily or weekly backups and safe hosting and security feature options.

Number 1: WP Engine WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting from WP engine

Why we choose WP Engine as our top ranking WordPress Hosting provider almost lies in the name WP Engine. Their entire hosting setup is surrounded by by having WordPress and only WordPress solutions on their servers.

WP Engine has founded their service on “The World’s leading CMS; WordPress”, as they say themselves. As A hosting company dedicated to a single CMS, you can rely on their experts to help you with everything in the process from setting up your website, to advanced speed optimization and much more.

They are not the cheapest solution on the market, but offers a service for customers who value quality support and a secure setup for your website. Their packages starts from $25, depending on your choice and needs for your personal website or business solution.

The setup at WP Engine is focused on offering a secure and safe hosting environment, that offers specialized WordPress plugins and features, for giving you the best possible solution for WP Hosting in UK.

Key Features on WP Engine WordPress Hosting

✅One-click setup

✅Dedicated WordPress plugins and features developed by WP Engine

✅Offers both Shared WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

✅ 24/7 support

✅Auto migration

✅Free SSL certificate

⛔️More costly than the average UK hosts solutions (Starting at $25 per month)

👉 WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans

Number 2: WPX Hosting

If you are working in the world of SEO you have definitely heard about WPX Hosting. The team that descended from top SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization) and decided to create a hosting company dedicated for SEO.

This is actually one of my personal favorite hosting companies, as the guys behind it focuses on the most important issues in technical optimization of WordPress sites, so you don’t have to. This allows you to focus on you business priorities instead of complicated website technical issues.

WPX Hosting has evolved their entire set up around help their customers by focusing on what really matters. Secure and affordable hosting plans, with customer support that takes 37 seconds in average to respond.

They also offer optimized features for specialized WordPress installations and a speed optimization solution that makes your website up to 3x faster than your competitors.

Key Features on WPX Hosting for WordPress

✅Up to 5 websites on their standard plan

✅Free SSL certificate

✅UK server location option

✅Worlds fastest WordPress hosting solution (according to experts like Matt Diggity and Matthew Woodward)

✅Full backup manager

✅Unlimited site migrations (manually done by WP experts, free)

✅All-round technical solutions so you only focus on content, social media and SEO for your site.

⛔️Only WordPress solutions (In case your company needs larger server solutions, this is not the place)

⛔️More expensive than the cheaper solutions on the market

👉 Standard offer of 5 websites for $25 – Go to WPX Hosting and sign up now!

Number 3: SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Siteground is one of the older dogs in the world of hosting services. While maintaining a good position on the market, through stable offers and secure solutions, they have positioned themselves as a preferred web host for many companies.

Siteground is competitable on their price offers, but also have an excellent customer support to help the large customer base they have.

Siteground has a good reputation of taking care of their customer and that is probably one of the main reasons, they have managed to keep their huge customer base in so many years.

For WordPress users who dream of a flawless WP solution, you will be amazed by SiteGrounds administrated WordPress Hosting solutions. All subscriptions comes with a complete emailhosting, free SSL, free Cloudflare CDN-license, HTTPS-support and a bunch of specialized performance and security-enhancing tools, that will give you a safe and functioning solution

Key Features on SiteGround for WordPress

✅High number of standard features for free

✅ Won an award for their WordPress hosting service

✅Live chat support

✅30 day money-back guarantee

✅Optimized for WordPress website

✅Several data center for different geo location

✅1 free domain included in deluxe solution

⛔️Standard subscription offers less storage than other web hosts

⛔️No free domain name on signup

⛔️Web hosting is not specialized for WordPress host only

👉 Starting price at only $10 per month – Check out SiteGround Hosting now!

Number 4: A2 Hosting for WordPress

A2 Hosting is an environmental friendly hosting solution, that has your website hosted on green servers. They offer a wide list of hosting solutions as shared hosting, managed WP hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

A2 Hosting offers credit-backed special as an incredible 99.9% uptime, so you are secured that your web hosting solution is staying online. This means that for every hour your website is not online beyond the 0.01%, you get a 5% refund of your monthly subscription costs – automatically! That is quite a promise.

The hosting company offers all kinds of one-click installations and WordPress is one as well, of course. But overall the company scores high in our review on easy-step features on getting you and your WordPress website online.

Key Features on A2 Hosting for WordPress

✅Offers 99.9% uptime on all solutions

✅100% CO2-neutral hosting (If you are into helping the environment)

✅Very competitive prices (Starting at $3.92 per month)

✅Optimal for both advanced and novice users with 1 click installation and access to cpanel

✅Turbo Server, SSD speed boost, and optimized caching for WP

⛔️Free SSL not automatic updated and Cloudflare takes a while to install

👉 Offer right now for 1 year sign up for €2.70 per month – Go to A2 Hosting and sign up now

Number 5: Bluehost WordPress Hosting

In this business you can not mention WordPress hosting without mentioning an old player on the field, Bluehost. Even though the company is not the best in terms of customer support, they do have some great features for your WordPress setup.

the company was founded in 1996 and is one of the oldest web hosting companies and have had lots of customers through their service through the years. Therefore they are a well established company that offers a safe and secure solution, that you can count on for many years to come.

If you value a simple solution, where everything is up to you to take care of yourself, and try your way in WordPress setup, hosting features, SSL installations and more – Bluehost is you new company.

Key Features on Bluehost solutions for WordPress

✅ 24/7 support for WordPress customers

✅ Hosting plans include a free domain name

✅ 1 click WordPress installation solution

✅ Custom drag and drop page builder for beginner WordPress users

✅ Free server backup offer (However the default option is a bit limited)

✅ Very competitive price compared to other UK web hosts

⛔️ Customer support can be slow and a bit of a hassle

⛔️ Only US server location

👉 Starting price at £2.39 per month – Go to Bluehost now!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) in basic. It is by far the easiest and most used on the web. When looking for optimal web hosts for in UK, you definitely

As the name explains, WordPress hosting is a simple solution for WordPress sites only. The servers has been optimized for running WordPress solutions and WordPress solutions only.

Therefore the overall speed of the website including loading time, is faster than other most other types of shared hosting. Since the server setup is optimized solely on loading WordPress, it optimizes the files needed for that and disregards other processes that normally is considered when hosting other types of services.

Uptime is also much more reliant and the site is further secured due to the fact that you have got an entire team of WordPress experts supporting you, if needed. Plus you will always be hosted on a server, that is up to date with the latest required WP service recommendations.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is the best wordpress solution for your new WP site. It is armed with the top-notch qualities for optimizing your WordPress site, the best features for making your site awesome and the best customer support you could ever wish for. A team of WordPress experts on your back to help you get the most out of your setup.

So.. Let me explain what exactly WordPress hosting is and how it benefits your site.

When looking for the best hosting provider, you should always look for the most prominent service that fits your needs. If you are looking for a Cloud Server solution, you should NOT be searching amongst WP hosting optimized providers.

So what exactly is technical advantages of getting a managed wordpress hosting, that secures you optimal server location in a data center, with free ssl certificate waiting for your site and the best hosting services you can imagine.

What to consider when choosing best WordPress hosting UK ?

When it comes to hosting, hosting companies try to compensate each server for many different kinds of website scripting from php to Ruby. The problem is there are different server setting that need to be changed or tweaked for each different code or CMS in order for it to run as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That’s why WordPress website hosting is a much wiser decision when trying to decide which host to go with. Companies that have “dedicated” WordPress servers have tweaked their server settings specifically for WordPress to run on them. This means your website will be much faster on a WordPress dedicated server and usually much safer as WordPress hosting companies will “harden” their servers for know WP hacking vulnerabilities.

Is there even that many WordPress sites out there?

Yes, actually WordPress covers 19% of the known internet, meaning there is over 37 million sites online. Yes, we know – that’s a lot.

UK WordPress Hosting: How To Choose The Best One?

You are on the lookout for the absolute best WP hosting in UK. We got your back. We will show you which hosting providers offer the most beneficial WordPress hosting including: free domain name, free ssl, live chat in their customer support, money-back guarantee, best server location 24 7 support and much more.

Many web hosts say they offer the best solution , but we know the truth. We review and showcase the optimal plan for your data center with the best support, best price per month and all you are looking for.

What features are we looking for when choosing the best WordPress hosting for you?

We choose to view the hosting services in different perspectives. Seen in the eyes of a pro web developer and the more inexperienced beginner type.

So.. Can everybody set up a WordPress site?

Well yes, most people can easily learn to set up a WordPress site after registering with a hosting provider, that specializes in.

But here is what you should always check when selecting a new web hosting company.

❓Do they have Single-Click or Pre-Install features?

❓Can you contact them through phone or live chat?

❓Where is their servers located? Do they offer localized server hosting?

❓What is the speed of their servers? Is there any speed optimization features?

❓What is the promised server uptime?

❓Do they have good security?

❓How is their backup policy? Do they offer daily, weekly or monthly backups of your site?

What is a good WordPress Hosting provider?

One that know how to compensate for the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress is actually a solid and reliable, light script “out of the box” (on install). And there isn’t a lot that a hosting company needs to do to make sure it runs on their servers.

The problems benign to show when addons like plugins and certain themes are added to the site, often slowing down the site, and adding places for hackers to get in and add malicious code or take over your site completely.

So a great WordPress hosting company not only understands WordPress, but all of the added plugins that are available to a WordPress site like ecommerce platforms or forum plugins.

They will be able to tweak specific setting on their servers to both speed your website and to keep it safe from hacking.

Difference between Shared WordPress Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting

The one main difference between the two services is really that one (the WordPress server) is optimized for WordPress websites where the other (Shared) is not. But “underneath” they are the same server and are both shared with many websites, sometimes in the hundreds or even thousands.

And while Shared Hosting is often the cheapest hosting, it does come with risks.

The biggest problem with shared hosting often has nothing at all to do with your website. It’s the others on the same server that mean be SPAM sites, or sites Google deems “bad” causing your site to be penalized through no fault of it’s own.

It all depends on the “neighborhood” you’re in, or what sites are sharing the server space with yours.

Another problem is that that hosting companies, to save money and make more profit, often times will give each server space the lowest possible amount of resources or over subscribe the amount of sites it is hosting on the space.

So if another website sharing the same server is hogging up all of the resources and bandwidth because it is getting spikes in traffic, this will slow your website down, regardless what you are doing to make it as fast as possible.

And to make matters worse, sometimes companies will even use older servers with slower processors. This can slow down your site considerably.

But just because a host advertises as a “Managed WordPress Host” doesn’t mean anything is different than what was just listed. In fact, chances are it will be the same scenario, the difference being all of the sites on your server space will be WordPress sites, not a bunch of different CMS’s and scripts.

So then would a “Managed” WordPress server be a better option?

Yes, but it can still have the same problems as above. But yes, it is a better option if you’re using a WordPress site because…

– The server will be optimized specifically for WordPress. The service addons will also be specific. This means it will be easier to set up and run your site on these types of servers.

– WordPress specific hosting is set up for the security vulnerabilities that are normally associated with using the CMS.

– Most “WordPress specific hosts will use a WordPress “friendly” custom designed dashboard rather than the industry standard cPanel. This is because cPanel is not really meant to help WordPress users and the amount of options for us is few. So companies that are serious about WordPress will often develop their own giving their customers a much better hosting environment with many more options pertaining specifically to WordPress.

Advantages & Disadvantages of WP hosting

When it comes to WP Hosting, there really aren’t any specific disadvantages, especially if your not familiar with servers or Linux.

Since the company will manage your server for you, most server side options will most likely not be available for you to tweak. Which in all honestly, unless you’re proficient in Linux, the main server code used in the industry, you shouldn’t be playing around with your server much anyway.

On the other hand, the advantages are many.

Websites that run on servers from companies that offer genuine WordPress specific hosting will usually be much faster than one who are regular shared hosting.

With Googles push to make sites as fast as possible and the potential SEO benefits from having a fast website, this is probably the number one reason to switch to WordPress managed hosting if you are still on a general shared host.

Often times the hosting company will install and set up cache plugins correctly for you. Caching correctly is a detailed process that truthfully not many people understand. And if done wrong can do more damage than help.

best wordpress hosting


How to look for WordPress hosting in the UK?

✔ Look no further, we ave listed the top 5 UK web host services for WordPress. Here you can see recommendations, advantages and disadvantages on the top dogs in UK WordPress Hosting.

How much do I have to pay for hosting in the UK?

✔ The price depends and the needs you have. If you are looking for the fastest speed-optimized WordPress site with localized UK servers, the prices starts at $25 per month, but for more standard solutions, you can get started for only €3.50 per month.

Which company is the best solution for my WP hosting site?

✔ We recommend either WPX Hosting or WP Engine for your WordPress hosting. Read more about why in this article.