TopRatedHosting.co.uk is an online hosting comparison site. We first launched in the Summer of 2017, having ourselves struggled to find reputable, trustworthy and modern reviewers of hosting providers. It seemed to us like all these hosting reviewers were stuck in the dark ages. It was about to change.

We are a team of dedicated tech geeks who is independent reviewing the hosting companies, that can be found on our website. We consider all services, prices, facts, etc of every company and favors noone.

Topratedhosting.co.uk is an affiliate website, which means we are paid by the companies to refer new customers to their services.

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We are passionate about creating websites on the Internet and for this you need domains and web hosting! We run this site about web hosting and websites so that you can get as good and relevant information as possible about web hosting and everything related to this! You can easily compare different web hosts here with us and can quickly choose one that suits you and your needs in terms of size and price!

How we rate web hosting

1. Offer
Is there an offer that means that you as a customer get extremely much value for your money right now? Then we are happy to highlight the web host as we want as many people as possible to feel that they are doing a good deal.

2. Our overall perception of the web host
There are many reputable companies in the hosting industry. These are characterized by the companies being run in a professional manner and that they keep their promises. We only list the companies we think meet this and stay away from listing basement companies with unclear ownership structure.

3. Range of services

In order to be able to provide a good web hosting service, it must be possible for the customer to grow. If your website is successful, you should not have to change web hosts, but instead upgrade to a more powerful solution. That is why we highlight companies where you as a customer can feel confident that you can remain a customer even if your website or company grows.

Value for money The
services offered by web hosts can be perceived by a layman as similar. But if you start reviewing performance, testing the services and, above all, using their customer support, you can quickly discover differences. We have been a customer of about ten web hosts and run about twenty websites. We have an idea of ​​where you get value for money and where you do not get value for money.

5. Judgment from customers
We of course follow the development on various review sites such as Reco and Trustpilot to pick up tendencies to changes in customer satisfaction.

6. Simplicity
A web host should just work. You should be able to put all your energy into creating websites and not into solving problems caused by cumbersome user interfaces or your web hosting. Therefore, we are happy to promote web hosting with a well-functioning infrastructure, well-designed website and a user-friendly control panel.


You can email us if you want to know more about us, our site or collaboration, email: [email protected].


We only work with web hosts and domain providers who are large, well-known and have a good reputation for working well for you as a customer. We use the services and products we present here. 

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In some cases here on our site, we use something called affiliate links. These links give us a small commission if you get a web host via one of our links. The price of the products and services you buy from one of the suppliers we work with is not affected at all by the commission. It’s the same regardless.

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